Chendra is found in a laboratory of some kind. Massive suits of armour hang on the wall above iron tables.

The party attempt to revive Chandra from unnatural sleep. One of the suits drops to the floor and attacks the party.
Op iron golem thumb

The golem appears to have a particular hatred for Azo (or dwarves in general, perhaps) and is incredibly hard to damage. It even repairs what damage is done to it.

Eventually the party manage to trip the golem into the central shaft where it is vaporised by the energy beam.

Chendra revives enough to walk but not before prophesying that the elves are up to something very evil and need to be stopped.

The party continue up the Tower, finding living quarters for the elves.

Near the top, in the Celestial Orrery, they encounter Xallista and Xander, accompanied by several huge engineered wariors (Devoted). Xallista escapes to the Umbra while combat ensues.


Xander is a difficult opponent but denies the party by moving to the Umbra. Eventually the Devoted are defeated but not before the Tower’s arcane machinery begins to shut down.

Their downward route blocked by a horde of engineered troops, the party escapes upwards. They find the elves’ sanctum and strip it for intelligence (and loot). Time is short as the air inside the Tower begins to run out.

Finally, pursued by the Indoctrinated, they ascend to the Tower’s roof.

Cue timely rescue by Bentil and the Lady Luck.


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