“A knife in the dark defeats one thousand spears on the battlefield.”
- Surayan Proverb

hief, Spy, Trickster, Assassin. The labels given to those who practice the disciplines of Subtlety are many. While anyone with natural aptitude can learn to move quietly or strike from the shadows, there are those whose abilities go beyond mortal ken. Those whose names are spoken only in whispers – you never know when they are listening.

The Sphere of Subtlety encompasses five groups of Feats:

  • The Art of Stealth allows a character to get into and out of places without being detected.
  • The Art of Larceny focuses on ways of acquiring things that a character does not own.
  • The Art of Movement contains Feats of acrobatics and athletics.
  • The Art of Assassination delivers swift and silent death to an unwitting target, through poison or steel.
  • The Art of Trickery focuses on ways to fool an audience through illusion, performance or disguise.


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