‘Treachery’, hissed the queen, revealing her true form. The seductive image she had presented vanished, replaced by a nine meter snake coiled around a clutch of eggs. As the Cree in the tunnel recoil from Cassandra’s glamour, the group prepares for battle.
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The queen drew back into the center of the chamber, her height dominating the room. As she did so, the floor between her and the entrance crumbled to reveal a jumbled morass of sharp stones, pointed sticks and broken bones. Despite the uneven footing, Azo charged the queen – intoning an ancient family war chant as he did so – flanked by Templar and Kraag.

The battle was short and brutal. While Templar and Kraag defended both Azo and Cassandra – killing one of the Cree in the process – the dwarf sparred with the queen. Once an opening presented itself he made his move, leaping high onto the queen’s back and impaling her with his spear. Narrowly avoiding being crushed against the ceiling by the queen’s desperate throes, he finished her with an axe blow.

Enraged by the psychic feedback from the queen’s death, the Cree prepared to descend on the party in a tide of scaled vengeance. Thinking quickly, Cassandra dashed to the clutch of eggs and raised her sword high. The Cree paused long enough for a bargain of sorts to be struck, and soon the nest was empty. The Cree warriors departed with the eggs and the first of Bentil’s tasks was complete.

On the eve of their fourth day in the jungle, the party finally come across the ‘Lady Luck’. With her stern resting on the rocky ground and the prow wedged into the immense jungle trees, the airship is balanced precariously. The damage is extensive – a tree branch has smashed a hole in the bow, while the keel-fin is a tangled mass of rigging and sail cloth. One of the masts is shattered, lying forlornly over the side like the broken wing of a bird.

Azo, being the most familiar with dwarven airships, scrambles aboard to find the firecask. Unfortunately the Lady’s cargo has shifted and the elemental apparatus that enables the ship to fly is buried under a jumble of crates, bales and casks. A tense hour is spent trying to reach the device, each movement causing the ship to lurch dangerously, until the cask is successfully removed.


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