Maps and papers from Xallista’s sanctum indicate the Carathan city of Haven as a source of interest, but first the party must deliver the refugees safely home.

Garra’s village holds a feast in their honour.

While repairs are made to Bentil’s ship, with the help of the villagers, the party have time to recuperate.

Cassandra inadvertently discovers Jemik’s betrayal of the village to the slavers.

A trial is held. Jemik is hanged and, for her part, Beleeni is exiled. Jullian offers Beleeni a position with his company, which she accepts.

Chendra persuades her mother that she must accompany the heroes to Haven. Kraag swears to protect her.

Repairs are finished – as much as possible with limited facilities – and supplies are loaded. The party sails forth for Haven.

Airship by aninael


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