A grateful populace hails the party as heroes, pledging to repair the Lady Luck for free. The town sheriff asks that the group keep an eye out for danger while he travels to the nearest legion garrison to ask for help rooting out the goblins. A young nobleman visiting the town, Aldern Foxglove, is especially thankful for the intervention of the heroes. He takes a special interest in Cassandra, striking up a tentative friendship. Jullian nearly runs afoul of the promiscuous attentions of the shipwright’s niece, but manages to defuse the situation.

During this time, the party uncovers another threat to the town. The owners of the glassworks, a minor noble and his daughter, have not been seen for several days. Suspicious of odd sounds and movement within the glassworks, the party investigates. Inside they find a scene of chaos and murder.
Years ago the nobleman’s wife had an affair and conceived a child, Tsuto. Angered at this betrayal, the noble is rumored to have cast his wife from the cliffs several years later. Tsuto was sent away to hide the family shame, but he never forgave the murder of his mother.

Many years later, Tsuto returned to Sandpoint in secret and began to plot the town’s downfall. It was Tsuto that allowed the goblins into the town and, in the confusion, murdered his step-father and kidnapped his sister. The party confront Tsuto and his goblin allies within the glassworks, but Tsuto escapes to the derelict smugglers’ tunnels beneath the building.

Having killed the goblins and alerted the town elders, the heroes decide to investigate the tunnels beneath Sandpoint. It is there that they find an ancient laboratory. The site was once the lair of an Elven sorcerer, but has lain dormant for three thousand years. The villagers’ nightmares began when it was disturbed by smugglers and the ancient forces within began to awaken.

The party delves into the heart of the laboratory, fighting ancient monstrosities and mutated goblins. There, in an unholy shrine to the Elven ideal of Wrath, they overcome a demon and destroy the Well of Sin.
(My players know, and I’m sure many will recognize, that this is from the Pathfinder Adventure Path ‘Rise of the Runelords’, specifically ‘Burnt Offerings’). While it was an enjoyable diversion, the Pathfinder setting and my world do not mix particularly well. It was at this point in the adventure that we decided to wrap it up in favor of my homegrown adventures).

The sheriff returns to town two days later with a contingent of soldiers. The area around Sandpoint is purged of goblins and Blackbloods, although several questions remain unanswered. The goblins had established a foothold in a nearby ruin called Thistletop, but who was organizing them? How had the Blackbloods infiltrated so far into the Empire without detection? Tsuto had sketched pictures of a local girl in the diary recovered by the adventurers and alluded to an upcoming sacrifice, but where was she? And where did Tsuto flee to?


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