Beyond a blood-powered portal lies the laboratory-fortress claimed by Xallista and Xander. This ancient machine, buried in the heart of a volcano three thousand years before, is protected by enchantments older than the Empire itself and houses thousands of Iron Golems. It is both the last refuge of the Wilder pair, and the keystone of their plan.

A ring of unidentifiable material surrounds four towers that, in turn, encircle a central keep. Wide walkways connect all of these elements. The entire layout is suspended in the middle of a gigantic sphere of energy, while two massive concentric rings orbit the sphere. Far below is a lake of lava, the ancient wards protecting the fortress’ inhabitants from the heat.

The heroes lead a small army of mercenaries, Dwarven marines and Elven sentinels through the portal and are immediately thrown into combat against Xallista’s Indoctrinated forces. The enemy launch a three pronged defense and the heroes shift their forces to match.

The battle is hard fought but the heroes’ skill at arms and magic prevail, pushing back the Indoctrinated while the Elves protect one flank against a unit of Devoted. One by one, the outer towers are breached and their upper floors cleared of defenders, but not without casualties – the House Skitarii are wiped out to a man by a brutal barrage of magic launched by the last of the Wilders’ chained slaves.

As some of the attacking force reach the central keep, Xander leaps from a parapet high above to engage the bulk of the human troops. Although his skill is nearly unmatched, he is one against many and he is eventually cut down. It is at this time that the party notices golems are flashing out of their housing in one of the rings – Xallista has advanced her plans; the ritual has begun!

Racing against time, Jullian leads the Hammer’s marines to assault the gate of the central tower. Sickly green lightning arcs between the rings and the tower as the ancient machine powers up.

The door is breached and the forces of Haven flood the last bastion. There they find the Wilder connected to the laboratory’s control device – a smaller version of the rings – and protected by a field of unstable arcane energy. Unable to harm Xallista directly, and running out of time, the heroes sever the conduits feeding power to the device. Xallista is killed in the ensuing feedback cascade, her last words, “But I’m not…”. Unfortunately, this also triggers a wider cascade and the laboratory-fortress begins to shake itself apart.

Running for their lives, the heroes and their troops flee for the exit. Realising that their entry portal is too far away, they activate a second portal, praying that it leads to safety. They leap through as the immense energies that support the rings tear the fortress apart.

The portal dumps them into Haven’s harbour where they struggle to stay afloat. The fortress below the harbour implodes, causing millions of tons of seawater to drop into the heart of the volcano. A sudden drop in sea level, followed by a catastrophic explosion, causes a massive storm surge through the harbour.

The heroes and their troops, now on dry land try to get as many people to safety as possible, but the effects of the laboratory’s destruction have doomed most of Stonetown’s residents to a watery grave. Still, several hundred are saved, and the heroes wearily make their way to the top of Stonetown’s cliffs. There they find a scene of chaos.

Several golems rampage through the city, scattering human defenders like kindling and smashing through buildings as if they were tissue paper. The Hammer and the Lady Luck hover over the city, barrages of magical energy pinpointing the location of the mechanical juggernauts. The party splits up to try and help the beleaguered defenders and slowly, but surely, the enemy are put down and order restored to the city.


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