Watcher and Jullian take Chendra to the Enclave to find help deciphering her prophecies.

Watcher discovers the feat of Astral Travel and begins meeting covertly with Xallista. She reveals to him some of their shared history.

The rest of the party re-enter the catacombs, this time delving further and encounter elves and Indoctinated. They rescue some slaves which provides some evidence for Seeker Hermione.

Kraag, Azo, Templar and Cassandra head to rescue Beleeni when she is kidnapped, but it is a trap. They have been framed for murder and are arrested, although Cassandra evades capture.

Watcher, Cassandra and Jullian investigate the home of the murdered noble and find evidence of his involvement in the recent piracy plaguing Haven.

The murder victim is cousin to a powerful noble who arranges to have the party sent to a work-camp he controls. They are rescued by Sister Hermione who extracts an oath that they will attend their trial.

Returning to Haven, the party meet the Company of the Grey Owl, who helped prevent the Lady Luck from being torched by elves.Op sorcerer small


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