The party arrive in Haven. There is a dwarven dreadnaught moored at one of the sky-docks, and a pair of familiar looking galleys in the harbour.

The group secure accommodation and split up to search for information. Rumours include mysterious lights at the home of a sage, the body of an Indoctrinated washed out of a sewer outlet, many ships transporting goods to Haven have gone missing – piracy is suspected, and a party of workers in the upper catacombs has gone missing. They also determine the location of a warehouse being used to store goods from the galleys.

A late night raid on the warehouse turns up evidence of elven involvement.

The party begin to notice disturbing signs of Chendra’s power and they are plagued by bad dreams and feelings of unease.

A search for information at the Temple reveals that a resident scholar of elven history (Brother Alandros) has been kidnapped.

A group heads to investigate the home of Eirik the Sage – the only other potential source of ancient elven history – discovering that Eirik has perished under mysterious circumstances. They recover clues that point to activity beneath the city.


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