“Darius danced among the enemy, delivering to each a single cut. He flowed like water, dodging and deflecting the enemy strikes. Each cut was fatal, but such was Darius’ fury and skill, he had reached the steps of the palace before the first man fell.”
- from “Aneksi and the Dance of One Thousand Cuts”

attle is the sphere of warriors, champions, swordmasters and knights. The disciplines of Battle allow exceptional individuals to go beyond the restraints of training and skill, to rise above common fighters. Any man can wield a blade, and many have the capacity to be truly great, but only a few are able to master the feats that make them worthy of legend.

Early mastery represents the techniques and training found amongst elite warriors and renowned duelists. A fighter skilled in even a few of these early disciplines stands head and shoulders above ordinary soldiers – they will be a focus on any battlefield.

A warrior with the focus and determination to extend further will dominate combat against any number of regular opponents. Such warriors are the stuff of story and song, praised for their amazing skill or vilified for the carnage they unleash.

The pinnacle of the Sphere of Battle is reached by only a few warriors in any given generation. They are untouchable engines of war and the presence of such a warrior will alter the course of a campaign. Their deeds could very well define an Age.

Battle encompasses five main disciplines:

  • Melee Prowess allows a character to dominate combat with close combat weapons.
  • Archery Prowess focuses on bows and crossbows.
  • Thrown Prowess is for characters that use throwing knives, shuriken, chakrams and the like
  • Unarmed Prowess are Feats that emulate the martial arts abilities of the Carathan Legions, the warrior-monks of the Orrenai, or the deadly Firstborn sentinels of the Enclaves.
  • Leadership Prowess focuses on the abilities of the Great Captains and their methods of leading soldiers in to battle.


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