“The parallels between the power of the Prime, once wielded with such disregard by our people, and the energy contained in blood are obvious. I have not come before this conclave to suggest otherwise. I come to you with a warning – do not let our people walk this path again! We drew too deeply once before and became the doom of the world. Put these wilders down now before they destroy what remains of our people.”
– Keeper Solennus, speaking at the Conclave of Steel, 1057 Sundering.

rcane magic is different to the magic of the Pillars, in that it is fueled by the essence of the adept – usually by the primal energies contained in blood. Since the essence of all three Pillars flows through all living things, blood has quintessential qualities and is as close to touching the Prime as can still be had. Many Elves have taken up its use for this reason alone. The initial mastery of Arcane magic focuses on the power of the adept’s own blood. Many who seek an easy road to power fall victim to their own base urges at this level, or draw too deeply and perish.

The Arcane Sphere is threaded with themes of anger, hate, jealousy, desperation and the premise that Elves are superior to other races. It was developed as a means of freeing a humbled and shattered race from their own doom, by any means necessary. The Wilders see it as a means of rising above the carrion comfort of the Afflicted, a way to cast off the shackles of history. Humans often view this magic as an easy means to power.

The Sphere is comprised of five groups of Feats:

  • The Lore of Leverage focuses on ways to influence the blood of others and is primarily social in nature. It includes some Feat of self-healing by harnessing the energy of fallen opponents.
  • The Lore of Quickening improves the Adept’s own abilities, making them stronger and faster.
  • The Lore of Reprisal encompasses Feats of violence and direct action.
  • The Lore of Perception improves a character’s mental and intuitive abilities, including Feats that delve straight to the motivations of others.
  • The Lore of Essence focuses on mastery of the Umbra.


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