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hrough coin, property and business, this background represents the means by which a character supports himself – above and beyond the treasures he may gather in his adventures. It is a measure of income and can be made up of several elements. Lower levels of Wealth may come from an occupation or minor inheritance while higher levels will almost always require ownership of property and investment in business ventures.

x The character can support a hovel and perhaps meagre livestock. Any family he supports will often go hungry.
xx He can support a modest house or apartment, plus some healthy livestock. Family members do not go hungry but meat is a luxury.
xxx The character is well off – able to support a household with servants. All mundane needs are easily met and he can afford luxuries on a regular basis.
xxxx The character is wealthy and may have more than one residence with staff. Livestock and travel-beasts are plentiful and healthy.
xxxxx The character is fantastically wealthy, perhaps owning a palace as well as several smaller households. There is little that he cannot acquire.








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