The city of Haven has been dealt a grievous blow. Thousands perished in Stonetown and much of the harbor lies in ruins. Hundreds more were killed by rampaging golems in the city above, and the damage to property is extensive.

Still, they city survives, having been saved from the full extent of the Wilder plot. Our heroes are feted as heroes in a series of balls and banquets in the month leading up to the Festival of Ascension. They are showered with baubles and trinkets, and the gratitude of Haven’s wealthy elite initially knows no bounds.

In the weeks after Ascension, however, the reality of rebuilding the harbor and the scale of destruction sets in. Party invitations stop coming and merchants lose their generous spirit. As the city sets itself to the grim task of restoring order, the heroes’ welcome runs its course.

Worse still is Watcher’s uneasy feeling that Xallista may have survived the destruction of the fortress-laboratory. She visits him in a dream and swears revenge for his perfidious nature, and he is unable to tell whether it is a nightmare or an astral projection.

Chendra, professing affection for the youngest member of the Company of the Grey Owl, asks for permission to travel with them. Not one to break an oath lightly, Kraag agrees – on the provision that the girl’s mother also agrees.

Repairs to the Lady Luck complete, Bentil honors his agreement with the group and offers to take them to the Silver City – Tor Glimerin.


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