Bentil was drunk. It seemed to the group of heroes that he was always drunk these days. Ever since leaving Haven, the dwarf had been steadily increasing his alcohol intake. His normal brusque but affable demeanor replaced by a sullen, withdrawn temper, prone to outbursts. And now they were about to sail into a storm.

They had been making steady progress towards the mainland for almost a fortnight, heading for a town on the coast called Sandpoint – a trading town renowned for the quality of its glass. It was a necessary, if routine stop, to replenish both the ship’s stores and Bentil’s trading stock.

Bentil’s inebriated state coupled with a sudden winter storm inevitably leads to a crash, with the Lady Luck suffering yet more damage in the form of broken masts and torn sails. As fortune would have it, the ship crashes in the fields outside Sandpoint.


The timing of the heroes arrival is fortuitous as the town is about to celebrate the consecration of their new temple. The townsfolk have, of late, been suffering terrible nightmares. Despite this, the Swallowtail Festival promises to be an enjoyable affair and a welcome rest from the trials and tribulations that normally shadow the party. The town’s aging priest is certain that the ceremonies will alleviate the pall of unease that hangs over the town. Sandpoint’s shipwright informs the heroes that repairs to the Lady Luck will be on the order of two weeks.

At dawn on the following day, the Swallowtail Festival begins. There are speeches, food and wine aplenty. The day, however, does not go without a hitch. Near dusk, at the culmination of the celebrations, the town square is attacked by goblins. The beasts seem intent on setting the town ablaze and causing as much chaos as possible. The party rises to the challenge, routing the goblins and their Blackblood taskmasters.


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