Placing Chendra and Beleeni in the care of the Company of the Grey Owl, the party investigates the arrival of a familiar galley. They secure charts locating an island of interest.

Watcher, traveling the Umbra, secures the aid of some sympathetic Enclave Sentinels when the time comes to strike against Xallista and Xander. Similar aid has already been promised to Azo by the captain of the dwarven dreadnaught, the Hammer.

Proof of the murdered noble’s complicity in the pirate attacks is delivered to Hermione.

The party set forth in the Lady Luck to investigate the island.

They discover an ancient elven fortress beneath a dormant volcano. Slave labour is being used by the Elves to produce goods and weapons to outfit an army.

They rescue Brother Alandros, who was being held by the Elves, and finally hear the full details of Xallista’s plot. They also discover the location of her fortress and the means to enter it.

The party performs a ritual to save Brother Alandros’s life. Unfortunately his wounds prove to great and he dies shortly after.


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