Research is conducted at the Temple archives. The party discovers that Haven may have once been the site of a pre-Sundering elven fortress. They meet a Seeker, Sister Hermione who is investigating the suspected piracy.

Chendra’s abilities continue to manifest. Watcher & Kraag both attempt to help her deal with it – their methods and motives vary however. Cassandra & Chendra develop a mutual jealousy.

The group splits to investigate their leads. With permission from the Temple, Kraag, Azo, Templar & Cassandra head into the catacombs discovering signs of excavation and building. Their exploration is halted by time and lack of equipment.

Watcher heads to a nearby elven Enclave. He learns that Xallista once studied there and is told a little of the history of the area. The enclave, in general, does not wish to get involved in human concerns.

Regrouping at their inn, the party must confront an ancient and powerful demonic entity that Chendra inadvertently summons. Chendra also utters three prophecies that contain important clues.

Sister Hermione becomes more involved in the party’s affairs.
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