• Amila


    Amila is Azo’s youngest sister.
  • Azo


    Dwarf Soldier
  • Cassandra


    Cassandra is fifteen years old, whose stature reminds you of a bird ready to take flight at the slightest sound. Close up Cassandra looks about twelve, she has bright, dark eyes constantly darting.
  • jullian black

    jullian black

    6"1 dark hair green eyes thin/lean build
  • Kraag


    A heavyset, aging, man. He wears the evidence of a hard fought life in the scars that cross his face and body yet behind the marred exterior a charm and joy for life still shines out.
  • Templar


    Human soldier of the 2nd Tower of Carathan
  • Twain


    Azo's best friend.
  • Watcher


    Standing six feet tall and of slim frame. His obsidian eyes stare distantly as his dark black hair brushes across his pale, angular face. An unnatural grace follows all his movements.