Character Creation


Assign 7/5/3 to categories Physical, Mental & Social. All Attributes begin with 1 dot.

  • Physical Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
  • Mental Attributes: Wits, Perception, Intelligence
  • Social Attributes: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance (1)
(1) A high Appearance Attribute will not necessarily denote a person of beauty. Appearance relates to how much a character’s physical looks impact a social scene – whether it be beauty, physical bearing or simply a well known face. In scenes where intimidation is required Appearance 1 becomes 3, and Appearance 0 becomes 5.


All Abilities begin with 0 dots. The player may select up to six Abilities to become Favoured Abilities. Favoured Abilities are cheaper to develop. The player assigns 27 points to Abilities in any fashion he wishes, but all Favoured Abilities must be assigned at least one dot before Freebie points are spent. Abilities are divided into thematic groups, but this is purely for convention.

Each Ability may have specialties that confer bonus dice in specific circumstances. Specialties shouldn’t be too broad, nor should they be too narrow. (The Melee specialty of “Swords” is too broad. “Short Sword in combat with multiple enemies” is too narrow. “Short Sword” or “Multiple Opponents” are both fine.) Each Ability may have up to three specialties, and each specialty may be added up to two times. Specialties may be bought with Freebie points or with Experience. A character does not have to have any specialties if they choose not to.

No Ability may be bought higher than 3 dots without using Freebie points.


Assign 4 Points to Virtues – each starts with 1 dot. Assign up to 5 Background points. Choose 7 Feats – any combination of Mastery or Sphere Feats.

(2) These Spheres are the Three Pillars and are exclusive regarding each other. That is to say that a character may learn feats from only ONE Pillar, plus any combination of Arcane, Battle and Subtlety. A player need not select one of the Pillars at all, but once a Feat from a Pillar Sphere is learnt the character is locked in and may never learn from one of the other two.

Final Touches

Willpower starts with 5 dots. Destiny starts with 2 dots.

Health Levels:

  • A starting character has a base health profile of 0,0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-5,Incapacitated.
  • Extra health levels may be added with the Resilience Background.

Assign 15 Freebie Points at any stage during character creation.

  • Attributes: 4 per dot
  • Abilities: 2 per dot (1 if Favoured)
  • Specialty: 2 per dot (1 dot for Favoured Abilities)
  • Backgrounds: 1 per dot (2 if being raised over 3)
  • Willpower: 2 per dot (May not exceed 8 unless a Virtue has 4 or more dots).
  • Feats: 5 (4 if a Favoured Ability Mastery)
  • Virtues: 2 per dot
  • Destiny: 6 per dot (May not be bought above 3)

Heroic Reserves are equal to (Destiny *7) + (Willpower *2) + (Sum of Virtues * 2)


Destiny is an important Trait that describes a character’s ability to influence and shape the world. Normal people have a Destiny of 1 – generally speaking their day to day activities have a negligible impact on the world at large, but they have potential. Heroes and magical creatures have a Destiny of 2. Storied heroes, Great Captains and religious leaders may have a Destiny of 3, 4 or even 5. Legendary figures, such as Darius the Swordmaster or Kerezain, probably had scores of 6 or 7, while the Seven Angelic Brides would have possessed a Destiny of 8 or more.

The higher a character’s Destiny score is, the more they will be drawn to great causes, epic quests and world-shattering events – whether they choose to or not.

Destiny has an immediate effect on a character. It is the primary component of the Heroic Reserves Trait, and is also used in many Feats. Some Feats use a character’s Destiny Trait to determine the strength of their effect, while others place limits on the effect for characters with Destiny of 3 or lower. All Feats have a minimum Destiny score as a prerequisite.

Destiny can never be bought above 3 with experience alone, or with Freebie points during character creation. Characters who participate in heroic quests and momentous events become eligible to increase their Destiny, using experience, at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Racial Choices

Character creation and campaign material in general is heavily skewed towards human player-characters. If a player wishes to play as an Elf or Dwarf then the following restrictions apply during character creation:

  • Elves: May not ever learn Feats from Pillar Spheres. They have a penchant for Arcane feats and receive a reduced development cost during their career for that Sphere, treating them as if they were a Favoured Ability Mastery for the purposes of working out costs.
  • Dwarves: May not ever learn Feats from the Arcane Sphere. They have a natural affinity for Creation feats and receive a slightly reduced development cost during their career for that Sphere, treating them as if they were a Favoured Ability Mastery for the purposes of working out costs.

Character Creation

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