The party arrive at the Hall of Law to find their trial already in progress.

Lord ban-Serian speaks first, with a stirring condemnation of the party, their character, and their actions. Lord ban-Winstad, ostensibly disposed favorably to the party, meekly bows to ban-Serian’s wishes. Only Deacon Gilles, the voice of neutrality, opens the floor to allow the party to defend themselves.

Jullian takes the floor on behalf of his comrades. His knowledge of the law enables him sway the court long enough to have the body of Brother Alandros examined for proof of the party’s innocence.

Sister Hermione, Seeker of the Seventh Tower, agrees to commune with Alandros’ spirit and glean what information she can. The accused are sequestered, the rest left to their own devices. Watcher slips into the Umbra to check on a suspicion that they are being watched.

The Hall of Law comes under attack. The altered elven simulacrums, supported by Indoctrinated and Devoted, step out of the Umbra and sow chaos among the assembled notables. The Company of the Grey Owl, with Watcher, Jullian and Chendra leap into action. The accused convince their guards to let them out of their cell in time to aid the defence.

Sister Hermione’s communion is disrupted by one of the simulacrums.

One of the Elves is captured, another slain. Two vanish during the confusion, one grievously wounded. Several notables and guards have been killed, Lord ban-Winstad among them. The court adjourns for two days to recover, and allow Hermione to perform her communion in safer surroundings.

Sister Hermione’s ritual is a success, leaving the balance of evidence firmly on the side of the heroes. Lord ban-Serian formally withdraws his prosecution and the party is acquitted by the governor.

A war council is convened to discuss the imminent threat posed by Xaliista’s plot. Present are the governor, several Captains of the larger mercenary companies, the captain of the Hammer, the leader of the Enclave Sentinels, and the party.

Xallista’s plans, according to the information recovered from Brother Alandros, involve awakening over a thousand iron golems from their ancient slumber and unleashing them on the unsuspecting cities of humanity. The golems, and the machinery to awaken them, lay in an ancient elven laboratory-fortress under Haven’s harbour – buried since the Sundering. The ritual to awaken the golems would destroy Haven, the life-force of its citizens devoured to fulfill Xallista’s dream of revenge.

A battle-plan was laid whereby the heroes would lead a combined force of Men, Elves and Dwarves against the island fortress, capture the umbral gate that lay within and use it to assault the laboratory. The initial assault was swift and decisive, and all that remains is to enter the lair of the Wilders and lay their plans to ruins.


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