Azo's best friend.


Tall and lean, for a dwarf. A ready smile and a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Lightly tanned skin. Balding on top, with a heavy braided dark brown beard. A consumate practical joker, Twain is always welcome around the fire at camp. His true passion is airships and exploring what lies beyond the horizon.

Twain is the only son of Durn and Sune Stonefist, who farmed the high pastures around Refuge. His parents were killed when their farm was attacked by a Darkblood raiding party. Arak (Azo’s father) lead the Dwarven contingent sent to combat the Darkbloods. Returning to Refuge with a badly shaken Twain, he introduced him to his son Azo, who was of a simular age. Azo and Twain quickly became best friends, despite being chalk and cheese. As they grew older their paths diverged, Twain joined an airship crew while Azo spent more and more time in the soldiers circle.


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