Human soldier of the 2nd Tower of Carathan


34 year old Human male, Height 5’11", Med build, Brown hair, Brown eyes.


At this time and in this place all I can tell you what I do remember. And I fear that is not enough, even for me. I have name, but evey time I think I can grasp it, it fades from my mind. I am a member of the second tower of the Congregation of the Saints. That much I do remember, Strange coming from one such as myself. I was found to have talent with the power of Order a few years after I joined the Congregation of the Saints ranks at the age of 18, if I do remember right. Training was hard, and rewarding. “Protect the innocent, defend the week.”. I just wish I could remember all that I was taught. Most are dull, rusty, or forgotten.

From my time as a member of the tower I have never forgotten the words of the Battlemaster. The teachings are as fresh in my mind as the day I first heard them. The balance of the three pillars must be brought back, equal in all of the three aspects. They are something I hold onto to keep as an anchor, so I have direction, purpose. That and the promise….
I WILL recover my memory completely.


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