A heavyset, aging, man. He wears the evidence of a hard fought life in the scars that cross his face and body yet behind the marred exterior a charm and joy for life still shines out.


Pronounced Krahg he is a Carathian aged about 50 years. His preferred armour is chain with a shield and able to use a variety of weapons.


Once a sergeant in the 22nd Legion of the Carathan Empire and seemingly destined for great things. His career stopped one fateful day when on a manoeuvre to support an attack he noticed a woman and her two children being pursued by Chaos-marchers. His orders were to remain concealed in position until the assault no matter what, but in the moment he could not restrain himself and went to the rescue with his Spear-Captain bawling orders to hold even as he left. He saved the trio but his reward was to be sentenced to 20 years hard labour.

He endured a living hell, with brutal guards and fights to the death with other inmates over trivial matters. He did what he could to help a few unfortunate’s but few ever left alive. He survived beyond the expectations of all and emerged a changed man. Gone was his youthful speed and desire to help the Empire. Replacing them was the ability to work tirelessly, beyond when many would, and did, fall and a desire to help and defend others.

With this in mind he joined a branch of the Merciful Brothers of the Sixth Tower, healers dedicated to spreading the word of Rihalla. They soon found uses for him on the roads helping guard their members from harm. During this time he again travelled a great deal and began to learn the medicinal arts. It was due to this that the second major change in his life was enacted. This time he was exploring for some herbs when he heard the desperate calls of a young forester. Rushing forward he found him beset by blackblood war-hounds. He moved in, attempting to place himself between the youth and most of the blows. In time he dispatched two and drove off the rest of the hounds but not before the dogs had done their work, leaving the young man with hideous wounds to his abdomen.

Dropping to his knees Kraag desperately tried all he knew to save the life draining away in front of him, knowing all along that it was hopeless. But in his despair, as he prayed for help over and over again, he ripped through the curtain that he did not even realise was there and gained access to his latent abilities. He was able to communicate with the spirits of Creation and healed the boy slightly. Again and again he managed to keep the woodsman from crossing the brink while he worked at stemming the blood flow and repairing what he could until eventually collapsing as even his resources were depleted but saving the man by the slimmest of margins.

((GM’s note – it should be noted that Kraagg will have had to hide his new ablities or leave the Sect. Times they may be a-changing but the Towers of the Congregation still won’t accept heretics, witches or shaman into their ranks).

Now it is years later. He wears his years on his haggard and scarred face and body. Those who manage to get past his disfigured cast find him a friendly but simple and honest man, more apt to see things in black and white than shades of grey and guilty of a bleeding heart. He never willingly goes without his weapons or armour as experiance has taught him of the duplicity of men. Soft spoken but earnest he is a diplomats nightmare and peasants best friend. His two great motivations are now the joy he sees on the faces of those he helps and the freedom he enjoys as he travels the lands. He is a rare man, capable and willing to travel simply for travels sake.


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