jullian black

6"1 dark hair green eyes thin/lean build


the begining.
born in a small village in the north, its name long forgoten, the village was attacked by bandit raiders and only 6 people including the young boy survived. loading everything that wasn’t nailed down and the bandits hadn’t taken into a small one man cart the boy and the other left their village and moved to a near by small town. the biy had only survived the attack because he had soiled himself and fainted and a dresser had fallen over him covering the top half of him body the bandits left him for dead.

in the new town things were good for a while he had a little money for the things he sold and had a job cutting wood in the nearbye forrest but 6 months after getting to the new town the same bandit group now even stronger raided this town. out of a town of 1500 people there was only 31 servivors that were not killed or taken as slaves. this time the boy soiled him self again but did ot faint he instead ran and ran some more trying to hide and get to safty. as he ran he came accross a sceen that is dificult for him to remember a young girl from the town her name was kassandra was being raped by one of the bandits on the kitchen table of her house her mother lay dead on the floor and her father was dead in the next room. in a rear moment of courage the boy entered the room behind the the bandit throught the back door of the house and taking the axe the bandit had leaned against the wall he swung it high over his head and berried deep into the skull of the bandit. the bandit fell to the floor quite dead and kassandra curled up into a ball crying uncontrolabely and the boy just stood there staring at the body for a few moments until the sounds of battle and screems of the sluaghter outside snapped the boy out of his shocked state and into flight mode again.
" kassandra we should get out of here" he said and took her hand a tried to pull her towards the door, all of a sudden kassandra jerked her hand out from his grip the she grabed him by the sleeve.
" not that way we will get cought i know somewhere we can hide"
3 hours later and bandits were gone and the those that had survived began to emerge from the distruction. as kassandra stood in the street she turn to the boy next her and said" your that new boy i’ve seen around town the past 6 months, i’m sorry but i dont even know your name."
" its jullian" he replied “jullian black”

jullian black

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