Dwarf Soldier


42 years old male, red hair, grey eyes, 5’8" and 180lbs.
Heavily muscled. Fierce gaze that discourages conversation. Circle tattoos vie for space with battle scars on lightly tanned skin. Unkempt mop of red hair merges into a heavy braided beard. While “all business” when on duty, enjoys an ale and telling “tall stories” when off duty.


The Irondrakes have a proud history within the soldiers circle, serving in the defence of Refuge for many generations. While still considered a youngster and a bit hot headed, Azo has developed great skill with both axe and hammer. In recognition of both his skill with arms, quick wits and his ability to lead men, he was regularly chosen as the Tarn (squad leader) to lead groups within the soldiers circle. He has been recently selected for a special mission into the lands of men. His mother, father and two younger sisters remain in Refuge.


With the reopening of trade relationships with humans a rumour has surfaced that a human noble (Velos Tryan) living within Tor Glimerin claims that he has within his possession a working dragon control rod. While this news was treated with a level of scepticism by the Circle of Stone it was decided to send someone to investigate the authenticity of this rumour and if at all possible retrieve the control rod. Azo was selected as the best candidate for this mission.


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