Amila is Azo’s youngest sister.


Amila is Azo’s youngest sister and the black sheep of the family. She has no respect for the traditions of dwarven life. What seems like common sense to an average dwarf is a complete is a complete anathema to her. The first word she ever spoke was “why” and this is still a very common word in her vocabulary.

Short by dwarven standards at 4’8” with coal black hair and a fascination for death and rebirth, Amila had resigned herself to never quite fitting into dwarven society. Then one day she meets an adept from the Circle of Night and her life changed. Here was people and a way of thought she could understand. Within the Circle of Night she has found here place. She studies hard to better understand the teaching of the followers of Chaos.

While professing to have no idea of what happens in Amila’s mind, Azo has never stopped loving his youngest sister. He always stood up for her when her constant questions got her into trouble or where misunderstandings threaten to turn into prejudice. In turn Amila loves Azo for the protection and understanding he provided.


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